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How Wine Club Works


First of all, welcome to all new members and a big thank you to all the returning members. Thank you for being part of our family!

As members of the Desert Hills Estate Winery Wine Club you will be committing to 3 orders/shipments annually of 6 or 12 bottles, receiving a 10% discount year round on all purchases (before taxes and any additional shipping costs).

New members will automatically be put into the ‘6 bottle mix (both red and white)’ or ’12 bottle mix’ respectively. Members may change into the following premade club options if desired (Must call or email winery to change):

6 or 12 Bottle Mix
6 or 12 Bottle Red
6 or 12 Bottle White

 (You may also stay in any current catagory and modify the selections manually if you do not like the selected wines)

As a 12-bottle member you will receive automatic free shipping and any member who orders 12+ bottles will also receive free shipping. Members of 6 bottles will be charged shipping based on their location. If at any point a 6-bottle member orders additional bottles, reaching a minimum of 12 bottles, the shipping is free.

A notice email will always be sent 2 weeks prior to the orders being made notifying and reminding members of the upcoming order so you have time to change your order. This email will also state the premade package you have been assigned into and what wines are in that package. Please make sure to read this email and check your 'Junk' box as some work emails will automatically add our email to this folder.


The orders/shipments will happen annually on March 1st, July 1st and November 1st and will automatically be charged to the method of payment on the account provided.

If no contact has been made prior to the order, we assume that you would not like to make any changes and are happy with the premade wine package you are in. Therefore, the order will be processed with those wines.

***Orders may take up to 3 weeks to be delivered do to the volume of shipments.***

If you need to change any information on your account or update an expiring or new payment method, you can do so by accessing your online account or calling the winery office if you have questions or concerns.

Pick-Up Members

To all Wine Club members who have indicated that they would like to pick up thier shipment at the winery, we ask that you call and schedule a time to pick up your shipment or give us 24 hours notice of your arrival so we can assure you recieve your wine in a timely mannor. 

Website Step-By-Step Walk Through


Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click (Log In ) in the top right corner

Step 3: Enter Username & Password**

*Note: Once logged in you can change password

**Will be different if you already changed it. If you forget please call the winery.

Editing Shipment

Step 1: Select the drop down menu on your name (formally 'Log In")

Step 2: Click on the "Club List" Option (this will redirect you to your

Membership Page)

Step 3: Review your club details (6/12 bottle, red/white/mix, ect)

Step 4: Select "Club Edit" button listed below to review your current

club shipment. This is where you can customize your


Finalizing Shipment

Step 1: Once selections have been made, review your shipping & billing information.

Step 2: Select the "Submit" Button to finalize your order.

Step 3: Check your email to confirm that your order was placed

*Note: Submitting your changes will not immediately charge the order . You

can change the order multiple times until the deadline. Final orders (once we process them on our end) will be followed up with a "Thank you for your order" email.