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Black Sage Bistro

Implementations to Improve Safety During Covid19


Below is a list of safety protocols that we have adopted to ensure your safety during these times

1. We have removed and limited table seating to 6 per table with 6 feet of distancing so that customers have separation when dinning with us.
2. We will provide all tables with sanitizer for disinfecting hands. 
3. We have started offering pick up orders for those who don’t feel comfortable dining with us.
4. Tables will be sanitized between each guest visit.
5. All service plates and utensils will be sanitized using heat and chemicals.
6. Service will be conducted outside to limit the spread of air-bourne particles.
7. Signs regarding proper hand washing, social distancing, and signs of Covid19 have been made visible for customers.
8. Customers who show signs of sickness will be turned away.
Our Hours and our dedication will remain the same until we are advised by Interior Health or the BC Government to change. We are all in this together and hope that your continued support will also be reflected in your and our continued good health.