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About Desert Hills Estate Winery

Desert Hills Estate Winery is the dream child of three brother who immigrated to Canada with a dream. There dream was to not only open a successful business to support their families but to build the business into a family.

The brothers started their journey in the Okanagan working as simple farmers tending to the former apple orchards that once blanketed the valley. One day while eating lunch next to the road they overlooked the property across the street and noticed how beautiful the sun reflected off the property, like at simmering pool of water. The main attraction of their eyes was one beautiful pristine apple tree, standing out among the orchard, like a beautiful queen overlooking her kingdom. The brother proclaimed that that property would be theirs and that would be where they would start their journey.

Eventually after saving some money, they pooled all their hard-earned funds together and managed to purchase the property they had admired…Their first dream had come true.

The brothers continued to farm the property setting up residence on the property to closely manage their crop and started to raise their families on the property they love so much but they noticed that their passion for apples had slowly started to change towards wines and the grapes that produced them having tried some early Okanagan wines.

On a move of pure passion, they decided to change from being apple farmers to grape growers. They ripped up the apple trees, leaving their prized queen tree as a reminder of where they came from, and planted their first varietal Syrah.

At this time, the brothers were just farmers and decided to just sell grapes to the local producers they enjoyed so much, taking care and attention to make sure they grapes they produced made the best wine.

The quality of their work did not go unnoticed as the wine producers started winning awards for their Syrah that the brother had supplied. They decided to make their next big step and started their journey towards becoming a full winery. The brothers got together and by hand, built a winery. They then pain steakingly planted a variety of grape varietals across their property tending to them by hand from 4am-midnight to ensure the grapes were producing the best fruit possible.

"We believe that we must grow wine. We started as farmers, and know that great wines can only be achieved with wonderful grapes."-Randy Toor

Fast forwarding into the future the brothers now own a successful family run winery where they believe everyone, including their customers are family. This love and hard work has propelled the brother business to earning the prestigious award of Canada’s #3 Top Small Winery-Wine Align.

Now under head wine maker Anthony Buchanan, the wines have never tasted better. New techniques and innovation in the winery have not only produced some great wines but have encouraged the production of new innovated “funky” wines.

-Clarity Magazine

Our Vineyards


With 5 vineyards & 85 acres under vine, all in the Southern Okanagan. Desert Hills is situated in the finest grape growing region in Canada. We have 3 vineyards on the famous "Black Sage Bench", 1 vineyard near Penticton & 1 in Osoyoos.

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Our Team


Desert Hills Estate Winery is family owned & operated.  The people that make up the Desert Hills team are innovative & passionate, working to bring their customers the award winning wines they have become known for.

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